From Bakery to Food Allergy Advocacy: A New Chapter Begins

Exciting news is buzzing from Hype Food Co. Bakery as they announce the closure of their physical location on Gerrard St East in Toronto after an amazing six-year run. But hold onto your hats because this isn’t the end of the hype! The co-founders are gearing up for a thrilling relocation adventure, which means a brand-new chapter for Hype Food Co.

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The hype is shifting gears with a major mission realignment. Hype Food Co. is taking the world by storm with a renewed focus on revolutionizing dining experiences across the board. They’re teaming up with other food establishments and travel companies to spread the love of inclusive dining far and wide. That’s right, folks! The legacy of Hype is going global, ensuring that everyone, no matter where they are, can enjoy delicious food without worry.

And for all you Hype fans out there, don’t worry! Some allergen-free treats are available to order from the virtual shop. Allergy-friendly treats are continuously added to facilitate your search.

Calling all restaurant owners and managers!

Get ready to join the hype train! Hype Food Co. is here to help you create a dining experience that’s safe, welcoming, and inclusive for all. From educating your staff to offering alternative menu options, they’ve got you covered. Let’s make dining out an adventure for everyone! Read The Full Guide.